Fighting the beer belly

If you love beer as much as us, you’ll be prone to suffering from beer belly more often than not. So what can you do to combat it and keep it under control? While talking about it over a pint might be a good idea, an even better idea would be to try out some of these different techniques to sort it out.

Run it off

running man

Running is one of the easiest ways to lose fat in the body. One of the biggest stumbling blocks when someone starts this type of activity (known as cardio) is that you can get a stitch pretty quickly. This is completely normal and something you have to fight through. It’s an easy way to lose the fat because this type of exercise focuses on the visceral fat i.e. the fat you can easily see. These are the easiest types of fat to get rid of, especially when you’re pushing your body to get a job done.

Suck in and hold it

Behind your beer belly is a group of muscles just waiting for be used. One in particular, the traverse abdominus, is a very important muscle. If you were to suck in your gut now, that muscle moves the most. There’s a great place to try out an exercise revolving around those muscles and it takes place right at the bar. Next time you’re ordering a pint, try and hold in your stomach. And see if you can do it until you’re handed your pint. It proves to be a great little workout.

Get some TLC

Rubbing your belly is one thing, but having a professional work on massaging problem areas is another. There are way you can treat your beer belly (and some even involve beer) The Beer Spa in Prague lets you have a pint while you take a relaxing bath in a giant copper tub full of beer (apparently it's great for the skin). There are even ways of shrinking down your waist size with special body sculpting massages. The massage London spas have is one such way of getting all your nagging bits a good massage from head to toe.


Realise just what beer is

Beer Belly

One of the easiest things to forget is that beer contains calories. We’ve all heard the phrase that Guinness is ‘dinner in a pint glass’ so try and think of any pint as the same. If you’re going to be drinking beer later in the day, completely lay off sugary drinks and stick to water. And make sure too that your dinner isn’t calorific (yes load the plate with real veg instead of chips). Just make sure you’re not swapping out the calories in food for beer as it will have a massively negative effect on your metabolism.


Get it treated

There’s a way of getting rid of the beer belly completely and all it involves is lying down. There’s a special type of surgery known as a bodytite treatment. It works by getting rid of the fat under your skin, and then tightening up that skin through heat treatment. It won’t give an instant six-pack, but it will make a massive difference on how much smaller your stomach will look. And the best part is it completely gets rid of the fat.

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